Places to Play/Hear/Rent
FluxTone Equipped Amps.

SoundCheck in Nashville
See Case Jumper about FluxTone Equipped DAW all tube amps.

A "Twin Reverb" that has two different FluxTone speakers.
Model's One and Two...(Controlled separately)

 A "BlackFace DeLuxe" with super slow tremolo, and NNFB.

A "Tweed DeLuxe" just like the one Brad Paisley has.

 And a Custom AC-35 with "Marshall" tremolo, and Spring Reverb,
With two separate controllable Voices...
One FluxTone #4 (Celestion Greenback)
and a FluxTone #6 (Celestion Alnico-Blue)



Center Staging LA. California

Ryan Smith Has A "Tweed Deluxe" Just like Brad Paisley's,

An AC-30 with two 
different FluxTone Celestions
1 Greenback, and 1 Alnico Blue...
with separate loudness controls for each speaker. 

Also a DAW "Blackface DeLuxe Reverb"...with a NNFB option,
And a FluxTone Model 9...Red, White, And Blues.

All Ready for you to check out.

Mark At Robbs Music Boulder Colorado

     Mark says
"Finally an attenuator that works at any volume,
and doesn't destroy the feel of your amp"

Larry Dennison...Backstage @ the Tonight Show
Has a pair of DAW amps ready to use...

"AC-30 TB6" with a "Celestion Blue", and a "Greenback"
 Each FluxTone Speaker controlled separately.

Also a "BlackFace DeLuxe Reverb" with super slow tremolo
FluxTone Model 1, and Variable NNFB.


 employs a DAW B.F.--D.R. in many of it's sessions.

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