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No matter what type of amp you currently have, in most cases we can add the FluxTone speaker with VMT to your unit without making any permanent changes to your original equipment.


BlackFace Fender Bassman Head,
Installed in custom MojoTone 1-12 Cab.
It has built in VMT power supply.

This one is for sale.....Just $2,250.00

New Vibrolux with 2 10"
Custom installed power supply in back

    Mesa Boogie with a single 12,
Used to have just the one setting..... Very Loud.

   Now with VMT you can still keep that famious sustain yet be dialed down for smaller venues, recording studios, band practice, ETC.
   Then when you are on the big stage... dial it all the way up, and blast away.

54 Fender Tweed Pro

200Watt Marshall Major,
driving 4 FluxTone 50 Watt speakers

65 Fender Twin,
with a custom foot controlled VMT

68 Fender Pro Reverb,
with 2 FluxTone Vintage 30's

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